Welcome to the exclusive Backstage Audio/Video section! Enjoy these rare, unreleased, and candid clips, available only on the Caravan website!


The Scoop (Recorded December 2005 at Studio Chicago during The Charmer sessions; cut from final album)

Vanilla (Recorded 2001 at Musicians Institute, Hollywood, CA for a school project)

Seein' (Recorded 2001 at Musicians Institute, Hollywood, CA; From FGC's first demo CD; Early version with alternate bridge section)

Chank (Live 1/31/01 at the Cat Club, Hollywood, CA - FGC's very first show; not for the faint of heart!)



Summer '07 Behind the Scenes (On the road at the festivals in Summer '07)

The Humpty Dance (Late Night at Summer Camp Festival 5/27/07)

Hometown Edition (Local TV feature on FGC, aired 11/14/02)

Christy (Live 2/12/02 at Musicians Institute)

The Rattler (Live 2/12/02 at Musicians Institute)

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