Family Groove Company and GFF Music are thrilled to announce The Charmer, FGC's second studio release!

In the years since FGC last visited a recording studio, fans have witnessed the birth and development of many now classic FGC songs over the course of hundreds of performances. With the recording of The Charmer, these crowd favorites have finally had the opportunity to shine that is afforded only by a rich studio environment. Live FGC staples like "One Eye Dreaming" and "Ready Fire Aim" join newer show-stoppers like "Byron's Got the Time" and "The Charmer" on this explosive sophomore effort from the Chicago quartet. FGC truly takes their "groove-informed jazz/rock" to tremendous heights on their latest studio release.

The Charmer was recorded at Studio Chicago in FGC’s hometown of Chicago, IL. The album’s 14 tracks offer rich and exciting insight into the sound FGC has been cultivating over the last few years, packaged in glowing sonic clarity. “I’m really excited about the sounds we’ve captured on The Charmer,” says guitarist, Adam Lewis. “I think we made some interesting choices during the tracking process that yielded really exciting drum sounds, and Jordan’s B-3 just sounds fabulous.”

But the songs are what truly speak for the band. “Some of these songs have been dear to my heart for some time now, and it’s very rewarding to see them finally make their way into the studio,” says keyboardist and lead vocalist, Jordan Wilkow. While songs on The Charmer acknowledge jazz, funk, and rock and roll, the various influences truly coalesce into a sound that is the band’s own. Jazz harmonic ideas encounter thick grooves, and improvisation negotiates tight song writing throughout, but the principal thought one comes away with is that these are simply terrific songs.

“The song is always what is most important to us,” explains bassist Janis Wallin. “I’m really proud of our ideas, and we do have a lot of them, but we’re always sure to maintain an awareness of the song as a whole as we put them together. It’s finding that balance between the richness of the content, and the concision of the statement we’re making."

The counterpart to The Charmer’s music is, of course, the lyrics. While touching on subject matter that includes the cabin fever mania of “One Eye Dreaming,” the twisted voyeurism of “Virginia Hill,” and the lives of Charlie Parker and Dizzy Gillespie in “Bird’n’Diz,” Wilkow’s lyrics don’t hesitate to explore the esoteric and obscure.

“Lyrics don’t just flow out of me the way I know they do for others. What works for me is total honesty, and making sure that I pay attention when things inspire me. A lot of the songs on the album are basically my battles with some of the big questions I think we’re all confronted with…what’s important? What do I want out of life? How do I get it? What’s it all for?”

“I should be clear,” he says with a smile, “I offer very few answers…mostly more questions, a bit of turmoil, and a great deal of passion. But I think that’s about right for a twenty something musician. And that's one of the reasons we're so happy with the album. We all feel very comfortable saying…‘Here, this is us. Here’s FGC at this moment.’”

And it is indeed a tremendous moment for Family Groove Company. Song writing that truly pushes the envelope, thought provoking lyrics, brilliant musicianship, and tasty grooves make The Charmer a veritable feast for the ears. This is an album that all but demands multiple can start on April 25th.