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Tentative, 1/31/01 The Cat Club, West Hollywood, CA

Song history: In honor of FGC's 5th anniversary having recently passed, I have sheepishly decided to post an mp3 from our very first show. "Tentative" is a classic original from FGC's early years, with a Zeppelin-esque head and an extended section in the middle for experimental jamming. The jam at this show features teases of the Super Mario Brothers theme and the Dead's "Bird Song" and general improvisational craziness. The sound quality is not pristine and our performance is a little messy, but I think the energy speaks to why we are still doing our thing five years later! Enjoy!


2001, Los Angeles, CA - First promotional photo

Photo History: This photo was taken by good friend and first FGC webmaster, Jason Sikora, on the roof of Jordan's apartment building in Los Angeles. At least our first promotional photo isn't as embarrassing as the mp3 from our first show!



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