Family Groove Company is set to release their latest and highly anticipated studio album, Models and Metrics this fall. Wrapping up an extremely successful summer, Models and Metrics is FGC's fourth full-length album, and is the result of the band's most ambitious effort in a recording studio to date.

The album delivers high-energy rockers, touching moments of introspection, extraordinarily tight ensemble playing, and profoundly engaging twists and turns, both musically and lyrically. A strong theme weaves through the album from start to finish, that of a deeply earnest desire to find and follow the virtuous path, to get "it" right, and the torment that comes with uncertainty as to what "getting it right" looks like.

"When we recorded our last studio album, (The Charmer, 2006) it had been four years since our previous trip to a recording studio, " says keyboardist and lead vocalist Jordan Wilkow. "As a consequence, the album's material was selected from songs that were written over a pretty long period of time. I'm very fond of that record, but I hear it as a bit of a survey of FGC that's somewhat disconnected…as if we just said, 'Here's what we've been doing the last four years.' The songs on Models and Metrics were written within a much shorter period of time, and I think that's helped yield the strongest, most cohesive, and most moving statement we've made with a record."

Coming on the heals of Live in Chicago, FGC's first live album released earlier this year, Models and Metrics represents another achievement in a very prolific period for the band. Having just wrapped up their busiest summer to date, hitting all of the Midwest's major festivals (including Summer Camp, Wakarusa, Summerfest, and 10,000 Lakes) and touring extensively, FGC's touring schedule will continue seamlessly into a busy fall in support of Models and Metrics. The ambitious fall tour will see the band continue to shift the balance away from club dates and toward small theaters and concert halls.

"We've had an exhausting, but exhilarating, summer," says bassist Janis Wallin. "We're all excited to keep things rolling right into the fall, and we're thrilled to have our new album to bring along the way."