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Flowers for Gisa, Reachin' (2002)

Song history: This is Track 5 from FGC's debut studio album, Reachin', which I recently listened to from start to finish for the first time in probably two years! "Flowers for Gisa" was one of FGC's earliest tunes and was written by Jordan in mid-2001 during a family trip to France.
Although "Gisa" isn't quite representative of FGC's overall sound, it's a nice showcase of our vocal harmonies and features a killer bass solo by yours truly. :) But don't expect to hear this tune at a live FGC show; according to setlist.com, the last time we played it was back in March of 2002. I guess you'll just have to buy the album!


3/20/02 Sonora Studios, Los Angeles, CA

Photo History: In conjuction with the mp3 from our studio album, I thought a picture from the studio where we recorded it would be appropriate. The photo above depicts what we fondly referred to as "Keyboard World" while recording Reachin' in the Spring of 2002. "Well, where's Jordan?", you might ask. Oh, he's off in the control room, using the computer to fix all the mistakes he just made in the last take. :)


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