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Wrath of the Solids, 4/14/04, Schubas, Chicago, IL - stream / download

Song history: "Wrath," as we affectionately call it, was written in the fall of 2002, shortly after FGC made the move to Chicago. It started out as a jam in practice that eventually found its way into being a song. The title draws its origin from the Tetris game that we spent many hours playing while recording our album, Reachin'. In one of the newer versions of this classic game, "wrath of the solids" is what happens when 2 pieces of the same color happen to touch each other and become connected (i.e. "solid"), usually screwing up your game. Writing credits for this tune go to Janis (who else!?).


Mattias, 3/25/04, The Hideaway, Winter Park, CO

Photo history: What do you get when you mix a Swedish drummer with a 27-hour Greyhound bus ride? Well...this picture! For our Colorado tour last Spring, Mattias had to depart for our cross-country trip a day later than the rest of the band due to school obligations. We all enjoyed the extra room in the car, while Mattias enjoyed the American cultural experience of the Greyhound bus. We picked him up at the station in Denver and drove right to the venue in Winter Park. Despite his disheveled appearance in this photo taken just hours after the hellish bus ride, Mattias played surprisingly well that night!


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