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Vanilla, early 2001, Musicians Institute Studios, Hollywood, CA

Song history: This is the shortest song in FGC's repertoire, clocking in at just under 2 minutes. Although the band hasn't played this song in a long time, "Vanilla" was in standard rotation during FGC's first year or so of playing together on the West Coast. The recording here was done in Studio C at Musicians Institute, the school where FGC's members originally met and formed the band. (Ice Tip: Yell this tune out a show, and we'll think you're a die-hard FGC fan!)


Adam and Shad, 4/6/03, Lake Dillon Pub, Dillon, CO

Photo history: This picture pretty much speaks for itself. We met this ridiculously tall guy named Shad at our Lake Dillon Pub show last year. It snowed like hell that night and we didn't get a great turnout at the show, but getting a photo with this comical fellow in the cowboy hat made our visit well worth it!


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