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New Speedway Boogie, 5/29/04, Summer Camp Festival, Chillicothe, IL
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Song history: Although "New Speedway Boogie" is not an original FGC tune, it is definitely a crowd favorite, and one of my personal favorites to perform. As a rule, FGC tries to add a personal touch to every cover song we play and make it sound different than the original....and NSB is a shining example of that. This particular performance of the tune brings back great memories of the supportive audiences at the Summer Camp Festival last month.


The Band, 3/28/04, Telluride Ski Resort, Telluride, CO

Photo history: This photo was snapped just after an afternoon gig on the deck of a restaurant that was halfway up a ski slope. The band and all our gear were hauled up the slopes on snowmobiles!! We entertained the skiiers whizzing by, those on the chair lifts, and many others catching a break and a bite to eat....all the while enjoying a great view and freezing our asses off. Despite the cold and the early start (we had to be playing by noon!), the show was definitely a welcome change from our typical bar gig.


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