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The Bends, 5/14/05, The Yacht Club, Iowa City, IA
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Song history: The basis of this tune was written in late '01 or early '02 while we were still living in LA and attending/working at Musicians Institute. Mattias and I both enjoyed jamming in odd meters, especially since it never failed to throw Adam and Jordan for a loop. We came up with a cool vamp in 7/8 that actually felt groovy despite its odd time, and when Jordan threw a vibey organ melody over it, I knew we had the beginnings of a real tune. I can't remember when the full song actually came together, but its first live performance was on 11/29/02.

The song gets its name from Mattias' drum part in the verse section. His right arm has a constant back-and-forth motion, which we likened to the one single center windshield wiper on a Mercedes Benz.

Many thanks to Scott at the Yacht Club for the soundboard recording!


3/2/05 "Official Redheads," The Funk Box, Baltimore, MD

Photo History: We were so honored to have the cardboard lady on the right join us on stage at our Funk Box show last March. And we couldn't miss an opportunity to snap a photo of her with FGC's own "Official Redhead" (Jordan). If the music thing doesn't work out, maybe Jordan could be Killian's new poster child. I personally think he'd look great in cardboard!


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