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Too High, 5/25/05, Wise Fools Pub, Chicago, IL - stream / download

Song history: "Too High" is a Stevie Wonder cover that we put together about a year ago. No one can touch Stevie's crooning voice, so we decided to give the song an FGC makeover by doing it instrumentally. This particular performance was at the last show of a 3-week Wednesday residency at Wise Fools Pub in Chicago. This track goes out to all the hometown fans that made the Wise Fools series such a good time!


FGC Shirts in Europe, June 2005

Photo History: FGC was quite honored to have our good friend Greg Harshbarger representing the band on a recent vacation to Greece and Italy. Above you'll see Greg in his FGC shirts at such famous historical monuments as the Coliseum, the Olympic Stadium, the Parthenon, and the Pantheon. Greg, thanks for the photos and all the support!


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