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The Charmer, 5/28/05, Summer Camp Festival, Chillicothe, IL
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Song history: "The Charmer" is a fairly new song to FGC's repertoire, and was written a few months ago by our songwriter extraordinaire, Jordan. It's got a nice snappy tempo, interesting lyrics, and is almost purely a "rock" tune, as opposed to some of our other jazz/jam stylings.

This particular performance is from last month's Summer Camp Festival, which I can honestly say was one of FGC's most fun and energetic shows to date. We had great weather, a fantastic and supportive crowd, and an all-around good time for the entire weekend.

ps - You can download the entire set of this show at the Live Music Archive. Or, feel free to email me and I'll send you a copy for free!


FGC, 5/28/05, Summer Camp Festival, Chillicothe, IL

Photos by Lindsay Basgall

Photo history: Continuing with this edition's Summer Camp theme, above are four photos snapped by the band's unofficially official photographer, Lindsay Basgall. This gal snaps a mean photo, and we can't wait to give her press passes to all our big arena shows in 10 years. :) Stay tuned for more photos by Lindsay throughout the FGC website!



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