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Sooth Ove (I Want My M), 2/15/02, Goldfinger's, Hollywood, CA
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Song history: "Sooth Ove (I Want My M)" (pronounced "Soothe Oove") is a long-lost instrumental gem from FGC's older repertoire. We wrote this song while attending Musicians Institute in Los Angeles, and this '02 performance was the only time we ever played it at a live show. It is one of few tunes that we wrote completely collectively as a band (and thus spent many hours in the rehearsal room fighting over its sections/structure/etc). The bulk of the song is not unlike something we'd normally write, but if you can make it past the 8-minute mark, you'll hear a slightly new-agey, not-really-FGC-esque, but still pretty cool outro.

The most genius part of the song is its title, given by yours truly of course! The song started with the moniker "Smooth Move" because of its cheesy fusion head. When we realized that part of the song sounded note-for-note like the Dire Straits melody "I want my MTV" minus the last two syllables (TV), I creatively removed the M's from the song's original title and added the sub-title ("I Want My M") as a tongue-in-cheek recognition of our melody-stealing. Also of note is this performance's location, Goldfinger's, a little hole-in-the-wall club near our school where we had many memorable shows and good times with friends.



FGC & Leonard, 3/28/05 Pomeroy, IA

Photo history: We uploaded our new website from Pomeroy, IA (pop. 710), and were all kind of tickled to find that, although we were in need of some assistance with some new fangled technology, in Pomeroy, it still came with old fashioned hospitality.

An older gentleman named Leonard, with a big gray beard and blue faded overalls strolled up to us while we were sitting in our van on the side of the road on the edge of town... "Byron tells me you kids are looking for some internet. Well, why don't you pop open that laptop, start her up, and we'll see if we can help you fellas out." Thanks to Leonard's kickin' wireless connection, the new FGC website was officially launched just minutes later.

Be sure to check out the website for Leonard's Kaleidoscope Factory, the place where the aforementioned wi-fi magic took place. This guy makes some truly amazing kaleidoscopes!!



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