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The Chicken, 3/16/05, The Pour House, Charleston, SC - stream / download

Song history: The Chicken is one our favorite jazz/funk cover tunes, and is a frequent set-closer due to its high energy and overall conciseness. I always thought this song was written by Jaco Pastorious (one of my favorite bassists), but when doing my grueling Ice Picks research, I discovered that one of James Brown's tenor sax players, Pee Wee Ellis, actually penned the tune. (Ice Picks is not only entertaining, but it's educational too!)

This particular performance is fresh off a sweet soundboard recording from a show last week in Charleston, SC. The Pour House's proprietor/bartender/soundman, Alex, made us feel very welcome and blessed our music archive with a nice recording of set 2. Now if only we could scrounge up the disc of set 1, which mysteriously disappeared at the show... :)



Adam and Mattias, 11/8/01 Motel 6, Fairfax, CA

Photo history: In honor of the band being back on the road this winter after a 2-month hiatus, I thought it would be fun to include a charming photo of Adam and Mattias cuddling in a cheap hotel room during one of our first road trips in California. Aren't they just precious??



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