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Get Outta My Life, 5/1/04, Remy's, Harrisburg, PA - stream / download

Song history: This cover tune has been a staple in FGC's repertoire for as long as I can remember. It's a good first set warm-up that always gets heads bobbing, and it gives Adam and Jordan a chance to stretch out with some tasty solos.

This particular version features special guest Neil Whitmoyer on harmonica, and as you'll hear, he really adds a whole new dimension to the tune. Earlier on this same day, we played at an outdoor festival, and, as if two gigs in one day wasn't tough enough, we arrived at Remy's to find a full flight of stairs to haul our gear up. Although we were pretty tired when starting our set, Neil really boosted the energy with his stellar performances on harp and flute throughout the night. Check it out!


Expert Parallel Parking, 10/16/04, Five Points Grill, Birmingham, AL

Photo history: Driving around with a trailer isn't always fun, and having to park it in a big city can be almost impossible. Over the years Jordan has become the band's trailer-master, and one of his most challenging feats to date is displayed below. As you can see, Jordan managed to parallel park our huge rig with barely more than a foot or two of room to spare. It was a proud moment for all of us, and was certainly worth stopping traffic to snap the photo!



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