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Dr. Feelgood, 8/12/06 Feel Good Festival, Amherst, WI

Song history: Since it has been almost 4 months since an Ice Picks update, I decided to poke a little fun at myself in this edition....

When FGC headlined the Feel Good Festival last summer, I thought it couldn't be a more perfect opportunity to cover Motley Crue's "Dr Feelgood" as a little tribute to the festival. Being the closet 80's rock fan that I am, I was nominated to sing lead on the tune, which some of you know is quite the rarity for FGC.

What's next? Perhaps some Poison or Guns 'n' Roses?! Get your requests in!


12/1/06 - Macomb/Wheaton fans, The Cafe, Macomb, IL

Photo History: FGC's Macomb/Wheaton fans and friends are the most supportive kids around, so I wanted to spotlight them in this photo. Pictured above are Dan, Smokey, Joey, Zach, Pat, Taylor and Brad. Thank you guys (and all those not pictured) for all your support!




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