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White Picket Fence, 4/6/07 The Canopy Club, Urbana, IL

Song history: "White Picket Fence" is a fairly new tune to FGC's repertoire. It has a bouncy feel to it, with a single repeated vocal stanza that goes:

Hey, hey, Dana, where’ve you been?
Ain’t seen ‘nuff ya since the doctor moved in
Call me a kook, but I know you too well
and a white picket fence will never ring your bell

When we perform the tune live, we substitute a girl's name from the audience into the first line (instead of "Dana"). After several plays at various shows with zero sign of recognition from our gal of choice in the crowd, our good friend Kayla ended the drought at the Canopy Club in April by not only recognizing her name in the song, but also proceeding to go crazy for the duration of the tune.


5/14/07 - Jordan & Mattias with Brendan Bayliss, Martyrs', Chicago, IL

Photo History: At the recent USTORM benefit at Martyrs', Jordan and Mattias played an inspired version of "A Go Go" with Umphrey's McGee's Brendan Bayliss and Cornmeal's Chris Gangi. Thanks to Norman Sands for the photo!




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